[TGB] What really defines a growth team?


Marketing & Growth Resources - Week 9 2017

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[Video] What really defines a growth team?

"We need to be comfortable not A/B testing every change. There are some changes you know are better. I see so many people kill their progress, particularly while starting out, by trying to verify every single change. You might not know precisely by how much something is better, but at the start, shipping improvements is the most impactful thing you can do. At a certain point, if you’re a Facebook, if you’re a Twitter, if you can measure things quickly, go for it. Measure everything. Measurement is important and valuable but it comes at a cost."

Growth Priorization

Viewing time: 13 minutes

Marketing Resources:

[Article] We Analyzed 1.3 Million YouTube Videos. Here’s What We Learned About YouTube SEO

Brian Dean from BackLinko analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos to better understand how YouTube’s search engine works. His findings: comment count strongly correlates with higher rankings, longer videos significantly outperform shorter videos and more. 

Reading time: 9 minutes

[Article] Peek inside HubSpot’s multi-million dollar SaaS growth strategy

"The bulk of their traffic is from inbound marketing, primarily through organic search. However, they are are also spending money on paid search ads. Their blog post CTAs and ads are driven to landing pages with a very basic level visual design, short form copy and a full lead form." 

Reading time: 12 minutes

[Article] SEO Mythbusters: Top marketers share the most counterintuitive SEO truths

The guys at ahrefs got in touch with marketing / seo practitioners and asked one question about 19 topics: What do you think is the #1 counterintuitive truth that other webmasters should know about SEO? The result a monster 18000 words blog post. 

Reading time: 1 hour & 6 minutes

Growth Resources:

[Article] The 21 Growth Strategies Used by Top Growth Teams

“if you’re putting something in your app, you’re only getting your active people...You’re not sending it out as an email and getting unsubs and pissing people off. And that’s why we’re so keen about in-app messages.” 

Reading time: 4 minutes

[Article] Driving user growth with performance improvements

"The result of rebuilding our pages for performance led to a 40 percent decrease in Pinner wait time, a 15 percent increase in SEO traffic and a 15 percent increase in conversion rate to signup." 

Reading time: 8 minutes

[Article] Why 90% of your experiments shouldn’t last longer than 2 weeks

"We usually need 2 weeks to run through all the steps of Gathering ideas, Ranking them, Outlining the experiment design, Working hard to execute the experiment, letting it run a week and finally Studying the results, as outlined in our GROWS process…" Reading time: 7 minutes

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