[TGB] I’m Sorry, But Those Are Vanity Metrics


Marketing & Growth Resources - Week 14 2017

This Week Resource:

[Article]I’m Sorry, But Those Are Vanity Metrics

“The number of people who download your product has no correlation with your company’s survival,” he says. “How many apps go on viral spins and wither months — even weeks — later? Software companies need to focus on active engagement minutes. That’s the clarity metric.” - Lloyd Tabb, CTO at Looker 

Reading time: 14 minutes

Marketing Resources:

[Article] Inbound Lead Qualification

"At this point Geckoboard can predict 80% of their conversions from just 12% of their signups. By increasing sales efficiency with machine learning, Whittick found a way to enable Bates to do the work an average sales team of five could typically handle." 

Reading time: 9 minutes

[Article] Snapchat just launched an attack on a key source of Facebook's ad revenue

Snapchat's popularity with younger users has helped it eat into an important segment of Facebook's audience. Now Snapchat is stepping up its attack on another major pillar of Facebook's business: advertisers. 

Reading time: 2 minutes

[Article] The Next Wave in Sales & Marketing 

"Today’s best-in-class approach to sales and marketing. Drive people to your site, give them a form, they become leads in your database, then you nurture and nurture and nurture until maybe they do some action that turns them into a marketing-qualified lead (MQL) or a sales-qualified lead (SQL), and then maybe they get to talk to an actual person." What's next? 

Reading time: 6 minutes

Growth Resources:

[Article] How You Battle the "Data Wheel of Death" in Growth

"Data Isn’t Constantly Maintained -> Data Becomes Irrelevant / Flawed -> People Lose Trust -> They Use Data Less If the above looks familiar, you’re not alone. I estimate that greater than ⅔ of data efforts at companies fail. This is trouble because data plays a key horizontal role in the growth process and mindset. Without good data, it’s not possible to run a legitimate experimentation cycle. Today, I’ll take a look at 4 reasons why well-meaning data efforts fail so often, and what you can do about it." - Brian Balfour, CEO at Reforge 

Reading time: 7 minutes

[Article] Growing a Company from Bankruptcy to $10M in 10 Months with Rapid Growth Strategies 

Karmaloop's 180 degree spin from bankruptcy to a $10 million sale seems dramatic, but the truth is that most companies could benefit from the strategies that worked at Karmaloop. Many companies, large and small, aren't growing as fast as they could. By shifting the company's focus to retention, the other growth levers will fall into place—you'll work backwards through your funnel to optimize each stage, starting with reducing churn, increasing ARPU, and eventually acquiring more of the ideal types of customers. By improving all three areas, you'll create positive results that multiply and drive sustainable growth. 

Reading time: 6 minutes

[Article] Spending money to make money: How we measure our online advertising

"Profitable ads are crucial to the bigger picture of your startup, so be sure to focus on Profit Ratio when measuring the success or failure of your campaigns. The sooner you can figure out how profitable a particular advertising channel can be, the faster you’ll know if you can scale the channel, and ultimately turbocharge your company’s growth." - Anthony Yu, Online Marketing Manager at Intercom 

Reading time: 6 minutes

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