[TGB] The Secret to $5 Customer Acquisition Costs on Facebook


Marketing & Growth Resources - Week 2 2017

This Week Article :

[Article] The Secret to $5 Customer Acquisition Costs on Facebook

Excellent example of “behavioral matching” in Growth — figuring out the specific behaviors of your target customers and matching your acquisition strategy to it. In this article, you will see how John Lott of SpeartmintLove used Facebook Ads to do exactly that.

Reading time: 4 minutes

Marketing Resources:

[Article] “Mirage Content” Is The Reason Your Company Blog Isn’t Generating Leads

Creating quality content every week sharing your experience and expertise can be a great way to grow your company. However, there is a few mistakes you need to avoid while doing just that or you take the risk of creating “Mirage Content”.

Reading time: 9 minutes

[Article] This 8-Page Website Generated Six-Figures in its First 8 Months

There is a thing with SEO that always impressed me, is almost infinite. No matter the industry you are working on, you will always find a way to drive traffic to your website with SEO. One of them is creating dedicated websites targeting specific search terms.

Reading time: 15 minutes

[Article] Anatomy of a Marketing Organization

One of the first marketer I advise startups to hire is a Product Marketer, someone that will define your story and help you share it. Without a a great story to tell, your marketing will be bland. In this article, SurveyMonkey SVP of Marketing share her 7 other “type of marketers” that makes a Marketing Organization.

Reading time: 8 minutes

Growth Resources:

[Article] How to Embrace Constant Change in Growth

Insightful article again from Brian with some gold nuggets like this one: “The mentality of “done” is the exact opposite of the mentality of high performance growth teams. Change is constant. Change is difficult. Not adapting to change is fatal.”

Reading time: 10 minutes

[Article] What we can learn from Ants to improve SaaS conversion rates

Interesting analogy for this article on “key conversion activities” (example: “7 friends in 10 days“ for Facebook). The team at MadKudu share the 3 type of activities they use for their algorithm: Activation activities, Engagement Activities & Engagement activities.

Reading time: 3 minutes

[Article] A Growth Practitioner’s First 90-day Plan

For most companies, hiring a person dedicated to growth will be leap of faith in the unknown. There is still a very few resources out there to really understand the objectives & scope of this role. However, there is now one ressource for a newly hired growth person to use for her first 90 days.

Reading time: 5 minutes

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