[TGB] Scaling Growth | Gustaf Alstromer (Airbnb) & Ed Baker (Uber)


Marketing & Growth Resources - Week 2 2017

This Week Resource:

[Video] Scaling Growth | Gustaf Alstromer (Airbnb) & Ed Baker (Uber)

Marketing Resources:

[Podcast] How To Segment, Personalize & Automate Your SaaS Sales & Marketing At Scale with Ed Fry, Growth at

One of the big challenges facing sales, marketing and growth teams is the abundance of customer data scattered across multiple tools and platforms. Ed Fry of knows this all too well so I caught up with him to hear how you can collect all that data to build the ultimate customer profile in order to segment, personalize and automate your sales and marketing — at scale. 

Listening time: 39 minutes


[Podcast] How to grow a marketplace from start to scale

Building an enduring marketplace is a near impossible feat. Marketplace founders are often challenged by the “chicken and egg” problem. How can you create demand for your platform when there is no supply, or vice versa? And if you are able to pass that hurdle, how do you scale to liquidity, where supply and demand are balanced and transacting at volume? 

Listening time: 49 minutes

[Article] A meta-analysis of 6700 online experiments

Meta-analysis of 6700 online experiments

Reading time: 26 minutes

Growth Resources:

[Video] Product Driven Growth & User Feedback

Nikky Hofland is currently Product Owner @ Revue, personal newsletter tool. During Amsterdam’s Growth Marketing Conference 207, Nikky gave us a talk on Product Driven Growth & User Feedback by Nikky Hofland. Use Nikky’s tactics on finding your ideal customer, the importance of talking to your customers, discovering ‘Jobs To Be Done’ for your users and how to use user feedback for product-driven roadmap design and by following this talk on Product Driven Growth & User Feedback. 

Viewing time: 24 minutes


[Article] Inside the 6 Hypotheses that Doubled Patreon’s Activation Success

Topics discussed: How Patreon decided and defined a leading indicator activation metric. The challenges they faced with that metric. The six hypotheses they tested, where the hypotheses came from, what worked and what didn't. 

Reading time: 28 minutes

[Article] Growth Needs a North Star Metric

The North Star Metric (NSM) is a powerful concept that has emerged in recent years from Silicon Valley companies with breakout growth. It helps teams move beyond driving fleeting, surface-level growth to instead focus on generating long-term retained customer growth. 

Reading time: 2 minutes


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