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Sam Altman - CEO at Y Combinator: Speaking of growing one thing I heard you say years ago is that one of the best things Facebook had done was invent the idea of a growth group oh and so this is something now that I've heard a lot of founders ask about could you tell us is that still something you recommend people running companies put in place and how Facebook's worked in the early days?

Mark Zuckerberg - CEO at Facebook: Making it so we could grow faster was I think the most important product feature that we ended up building for Facebook and you know the traditional approach to growing and marketing is you know you have a communications group or you have a marketing team and you buy ads and yeah you know I think there's some sometimes there's a place for it for that especially when you're trying to communicate something and get a message out but if you're actually trying to grow a product I think the often the best levers for doing that are within the product themselves and getting people in your community who enjoy what you're doing to evangelize that to their friends and getting that to happen efficiently as if as possible so there's no magic in the growth group that we that we built that other people can't replicate you know it's just being very rigorous with data investing in data infrastructure so that way you can process all these different experiments and learn what people are trying to tell you and then go invest engineering and actually trying to grow the community cuz I think that's the most important feature for a lot of networks

Sam Altman - CEO at Y Combinator: Can you tell how much of an impact that group had on the growth rate of Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg - CEO at Facebook: Um yeah I think it's you know their overall I think it's been very big I don't have a number off the top my head but I've been even just looking at your just some of these specific features that we've built like people you may know right which is yeah you know one of the important things right again if you're you know social product isn't that useful if you're not connected to other people you want in your using it so you know helping you go from signing up for Facebook to connecting to the people that you care about most is probably one of the most important things that we can do another

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