[TGB] Inside Intercom’s Multi-million Dollar SaaS Growth Strategy


Marketing & Growth Resources - Week 24 2017

This Week Resource:

[Article] Inside Intercom’s Multi-million Dollar SaaS Growth Strategy

"With an amazing blog, a select group of targeted paid keywords, and an advanced referral traffic strategy, it makes sense they have a very high amount of direct traffic. Beyond direct traffic, Intercom gets the most traffic from search and referral. To increase your own direct, search, and referral traffic, here are eight growth marketing ideas you can apply to your business." 

Reading time: 15 minutes


Marketing Resources:

[Video] Content Strategy - Using Data To Create Content That Spreads

"Every early company is looking for a way to increase reach and top-of-funnel traffic. But how do you ensure your content strategy is both adding value and reaching enough potential users? Watch Priceonomics CEO Rohin Dhar as he discusses how companies can leverage their unique data to increase distribution and reach via social media sharing, new channels and syndication to more traditional PR outlets." 

Viewing time: 18 minutes

[Article] The best marketers are mad scientists 

"Given the revelation that hyper targeted marketing is more effective marketing, it’s no surprise that almost every marketing department or digital agency out there will tell you they’re “data-driven.” But at this point, “data-driven” marketing is more of a minimum requirement than a differentiator. Without data supporting them, marketing recommendations would be no better than opinions, and analyzing ROI would be imprecise, at best. But if every marketer is incorporating data into his or her campaigns, why is it that most marketing messages, no matter how they’re delivered to consumers, seem to be forgotten within a matter of seconds? And why is it that marketing funds get spent with executives and teams struggling to answer the simple question “What did we get out of that?” 

Reading time: 4 minutes

[Article] Data-Driven Marketing: A 7-Step Guide

"Data is ubiquitous. We are working with it on a daily basis in our job as marketer, however, most of us are not utilizing it to its full potential. Using data-driven marketing will enable you to be more rigorous in your data usage and better equipped for tomorrow’s marketing era – an era built on data. In that new era of marketing, there will be two types of marketers: the ones willing to use data to inform their work and the one who don’t and build campaigns based on ancient strategies. More importantly, companies will look for people with these skills and mindset to lead their marketing department and help them gain a competitive advantage. It will be even more helpful in non-tech industries where such qualities are not as valued today but will prove to be the most impactful tomorrow." 

Reading time: 13 minutes

Growth Resources:

[Article] Increase funnel conversion with Psych 

"Today I’m sharing the Psych Framework I’ve used to help grow companies like Tickle, Bebo and Dropbox. It is a systematic way to detect and improve the way an experience affects user emotional energy, which we call “psych”. Every element of a webpage either inspires us by giving us more units of Psych or overwhelms us by depleting our existing store of Psych. Once you understand what elements are adding to or depleting users’ energy, you can then start to manage that energy: adding inspiration and minimizing overwhelm to help users take your core actions." 

Reading time: 11 minutes

[Article] How to Build Product Driven Growth 

"Most companies are usually reliant on a 3rd party platform for growth. An update from Google or Facebook can completely change your growth trajectory. Take the example of the video mobile app Viddy, once adding 500k new users per day, with 30 million in investment until a change to Facebook’s algorithm killed their business. Finally, you’ll often find that channels have a ceiling for growth and will eventually start to plateau. A good example of this is Google Adwords or SEO for B2B companies. Ugh, it’s hard, right? However, not impossible. There are a growing number of tech companies who are leaning into a product-driven growth strategy to sustain their upward trajectory." 

Viewing time: 8 minutes

[Video] Startups and big companies should approach growth differently

"I (Andrew Chen, Growth @Uber) recently did a video interview on the topic of how your growth strategy changes from being a small startup versus becoming a larger company. It’s hard to compete when you’re launching a new product and you have to think asymmetrically for your growth efforts to work. I walk through each stage, step by step, and talk through some of the strategic dynamics to think about." 

Viewing time: 26 minutes

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