[TGB] How to Design Marketing Campaigns: The Importance of Market Segmentation


Marketing & Growth Resources - Week 8 2017

This Week Resource:

[Article] How to Design Marketing Campaigns: The Importance of Market Segmentation

"Before building any marketing campaign, companies need to have a solid marketing foundation. This foundation should include strategic messaging, ideal customer profiles, and competitive positioning. It is only on this solid foundation that effective marketing campaigns can be built." - Myk Pono, Revue 

Reading time: 24 minutes

Marketing Resources:

[Article] The Real Value of PR for Startups

"Many startups get obsessed with press. Not just CEOs, but also employees, friends of employees, and investors. Press, like paid acquisition, can be a drug though. I’ll talk about some of the ways the startup ecosystem perceives press is bad, what it is actually good for, and some outliers." Casey Winters, Growth Advisor at Greylock 

Reading time: 3 minutes

[Article] We Spent $100k On Facebook Ads. Here’s What We Learned.

The team at Klipfolio share their experience investing $100k on Facebook Ads and what they learned. In this article, you will find 9 valuable lessons from audience segmentation, ads/landing pages matching & in which case FB Ads are really interesting. 

Reading time: 9 minutes

[Article] Life Beyond Email: Chatbot Marketing

In this article, Matthew Barby explain one thing: Whilst other channels are continuing to deliver diminishing returns, there's a new medium for marketers to utilize to reach their customers: Chatbots. 

Viewing time: 27 minutes

Growth Resources:

[Presentation] – Building Foundations For Scale

Zack Onisko was the VP of growth at Hired and is now GM at Dribble. In this presentation, he shares his experience running growth at a worldwide fast-growing startup and how you can use the same processes in your companies. 

Viewing time: 39 minutes 

[Webinar] Lessons in Growing Your Mobile App from Zynga, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Skurt

In this Webinar from, 4 top growth people explain one thing they did and worked, on thing they did but didn't worked and one learning. Super interesting resource for everyone working on mobile apps. 

Viewing time: 61 minutes

[Article] Creating Sustainable Organic Growth

Casey’s advice? “Look at the people that want to try your product out, and ask ‘are they understanding it?’ If not, what are the reasons they are not understanding it and how do we remove those things?” 

Reading time: 7 minutes

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