[Article] How Zapier uses A/B testing to improve their search performance and massively increase organic traffic

"One way to bring that quantitative rigor to your organic search efforts is to do SEO A/B testing. 

One SEO test involved putting more text descriptions alongside images, and the positive result led to a series of follow-up experiments that resulted in a nearly 30% increase in traffic in 2014. Small changes can create large and lasting effects." 

- Emily Friedlander, Marketing and SEO at Rankscience 

Reading time: 14 minutes

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[Article] How we developed a customizable A/B testing framework at Oscar

"One of our main goals when building Belfry was to reduce the barrier to entry when it comes to A/B testing. A configurable in-house A/B testing platform allows us to understand our users more than we ever have before with minimal effort. 

After about four weeks of testing and 40,000 cumulative impressions, we found that our variant, “Provider Tools”, successfully drove 34% more clicks with 99% statistical significance. We were then able to ship the new copy with full confidence that it was the superior option." 

- Paul Hou, Software Engineer at Oscar

Reading time: 7 minutes

[Article] Zello's Explosive Growth by Design, and Freemium to Enterprise Ladder

"Zello’s growth strategy among blue collar workers has been similar to Slack’s growth strategy among white collar workers. While Slack is ideal for workers who sit behind a computer for most of the day, Zello is trying to cater to those who are on the move and need both hands free to do their job. 

Key Growth Lessons: 1. Group orientation led to faster viral spread. 2. Targeting an underserved market segment allowed them to fill the hole where other apps fell short 3. A bottoms-up sales approach turns individual users into mini-SDRs supporting top-down enterprise sales efforts." 

- The Reforge Team 

Reading time: 5 minutes

[Slideshare] Mobile Gamification - How The Best Apps Nailed It (Waze, Duolingo, Tinder, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Zenly...)

"Want to engage your users? 12. Using your product should feel like playing a game! 

What does that mean? 1. Simple goals and shiny rewards 2. A bit of competition 3. Some randomness & surprises 4. Lots of fun overall 

Some of the best apps have successfully used gamification for growth. 

Let’s see how!"

- Adrien Montcoudiol & Maxime Braud, Founders at Mozza 

Reading time: 8 minutes

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[SlideShare] Creating Predictable Growth

"When launching a product there are 3 stages of “fit” 

1. Product/Market fit Goal: Product retention flattens & NPS is positive 

2. Product/Channel fit Goal: Find 1-2 scalable and quality acquisition channels 

3. MRR + NPS Goal: Paying teams with high NPS

Products are built to fit with channels. Channels do not mold to products.Prioritize the right channels for your product, Don't set targets for a new channel until you have enough data to build a reliable model." 

- Kieran Flanagan, VP Marketing/Growth at Hubspot

Reading time: 6 minutes

[Article] From Zero to $13 Million in 12 months –’s Strategy

"In this article, I’ll be reviewing how Koala DRIVES GROWTH through digital marketing. IMPORTANT: I won’t be going through everything they’re doing online (because there’s a lot). I’ll just be reviewing (what I believe are) their biggest growth drivers – the strategies and tactics that really accelerated their growth. Let’s do this!" 

- Alex Cleanthous, Chief Innovation Officer at Web Profits

Reading time: 17 minutes

[Article] How Casper Became a $300 Million Mattress ECommerce Powerhouse in Less Than 3 Years

"According to SEMRush, Casper ranks for 36.3K keywords on the US market, their largest market by far. In Australia, that number is still high with 4.1k keywords. 

The website ranks very well for high-quality keywords. In the US, Casper ranks in position 3 for the keyword “mattress”, with a total search volume of 165,000 for that keyword alone. “Mattress sizes” also has a high search volume of 65,000, where Casper ranks #3. 

However, Casper still has huge opportunity for growth with their bi-products. They only rank #30 for “sheets” (135,000 SV) and #48 for “duvet” (60,500 SV). They already rank #6 for “pillows” (40,500 SV) and should follow that example. And even though Casper ranks for a large amount of keywords, most of their higher rankings are related to their product."

- Sabri Suby, Founder & Head of Growth at KingKong

Reading time: 24 minutes

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