[Article] How to set your growth team up for success

"When I took on growth at HubSpot two years ok, I had two immediate goals that I felt would set us up for success. – Decide on a model to forecast our next 12 months of growth, including the potential impact from experiments we planned to run. – Figure out how to make growth work across product, marketing, and sales.

I spoke with a lot of companies about how growth worked for them. Everyone had some degree of pain, ranging from mild, too, everything is on fire 🙂. There is no doubt most companies struggle with how to structure growth. At HubSpot, we’ve gone through many iterations of that structure in the last 24 months. When I look back at our efforts, there are a couple of observations I would share that could help growth work more efficiently at your company." 

- Kieran Flanagan, VP of Marketing at Hubspot 

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Growth Resources

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Marketing Resources

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- Drew Beechler Marketing Director at HighAlpha

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- Ed Fry, Head of Growth at

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- Andrea Lehr Content marketing 

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