[TGB] How to Grow Your Startup’s Growth Team - Fareed Mosavat, Slack


[Article] How to Grow Your Startup’s Growth Team - Fareed Mosavat, Slack

"On the show today, Fareed Mosavat shares his experiences on growth teams for Slack, Instacart, and RunKeeper. We learn from his approach but also extract valuable lessons about where growth jobs actually fit into your overall organization." - Jay Acunzo, Creative in Residence at NextView Ventures

Listening time: 45 minutes

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[Article] Beyond personas: How to build an ideal customer profile process

"Startup team alignment is spelled. I.C.P.

Ideal. Customer. Profile.

If and only if you have a clear ideal customer profile, then you can align and optimize all your customer-facing teams - sales, marketing, customer success, product, support, founders - to pull in one direction.

Defining the ideal customer profile from all your data and insights across all your teams and tools is a key responsibility for the founders of a company - this is the heart of product-market fit, which drives EVERYTHING customer operations." - Ed Fry, Growth at

Reading time: 9 minutes

[Article] 100+ Link Building Opportunities

"To help with your own link building endeavours, I’ve decided to share more than 100 opportunities from my ‘private collection’ to show what I view as good link or traffic opportunities in different niches. This sample of 100 websites isn’t about sharing the best links you can build, but about showing the diverse array of opportunities which exist in each niche." - Glen Allsopp, Founder at Detailed

Reading time: 70 minutes

[Article] SaaS Landing Pages in 2017: An Analysis of 100+ Top Businesses

"Our last landing page analysis is still one the most popular articles on ChartMogul. Given that it’s been 18 months since we did that run-down of the state-of-play for SaaS websites, it’s definitely time to revisit the topic. Conventions and trends in website design change rapidly. Big businesses are expected to roll out redesigns to keep their site fresh every few months, while specific UX patterns or trends spread like wildfire throughout the industry once they’re proven to increase page performance (or rather, once someone has blogged about them).

We included all of the 40+ companies from the previous analysis, as well as many more. This time the total is over 100 landing pages, each from the B2B SaaS industry — from smaller startups to big-name brands like Salesforce and Google." - Ed Shelley, Director of Content at ChartMogul

Reading time: 14 minutes

Growth Resources

[Article] A Lesson in Growth: Nothing is Precious

"This past year and a half I’ve been fortunate enough to lead marketing at ClassPass, and it’s a role I am incredibly thankful for. I’ve seen what a high growth company looks like from the inside, and I’ve played a key part in helping that growth engine grow stronger.

And you want to hear a little secret? Things are messy up in here.

You want to believe it’s a beautiful well-oiled machine. That we’ve got flywheels, and viral loops, and high fives tossing around all over the place. And, well, yeah, we’ve got some of that. But we’ve also got burning questions, face plants, and redirects. We’ve got cultural growing pains, and we’ve got a lot of big swings that rest on our ability to make the best decision with the information we have at the time." - Joanna Lord, CMO at ClassPass

Reading time: 3 minutes

[Article] How Facebook Ads Really Work: Facebook Advertising Demystified

"This is my interpretation and oversimplification of how Facebook (and many other ad platforms) work, based off my own personal experience ($25m spent across channels) and countless conversations with account reps and other marketers." - Michael taylor, Co-founder at Ladder

Reading time: 7 minutes

[Article] A Growth Lesson: Who should you hire?

"Number one question, always. No matter if I’m meeting a founder over coffee, or if I opened up Q&A to a room of 2,000 conference attendees. The number one question is – but if I’m looking to hire out for growth, who should I hire?

Spoiler alert: no one ever likes the answer. They are hoping I’ll say something like “go looking for a marketer with technical chops” or “I’d find someone with a product background that has worked closely with marketing.”

To them, even searching for a hybrid, cross-team hire like that feels hard enough.

Sadly, it’s soooo much harder than that. Finding someone who sits on marketing that understands product, or someone in product that understands marketing isn’t enough to assure they are going to drive real impact along your growth curve. And if I can be brutally honest for a minute…isn’t cross-team knowledge and awareness more of a pre-requisite for any hire these days? I mean who is hiring someone who only knows their domain at a startup these days? Yuck. Anyway, I digress." - Joanna Lord, CMO at ClassPass

Reading time: 4 minutes

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