[TGB] How to Get Users and Grow - Alex Schultz, VP of Growth at Facebook


Marketing & Growth Resources - Week 23 2017

This Week Resources:

[Video] How to Get Users and Grow - Alex Schultz, VP of Growth at Facebook

Alex Schultz, VP of Growth at Facebook comes back to Stanford for a quick presentation and shares with us how to get users, how to grow, and how to measure growth. This is a required viewing for all! Enjoy. 

Viewing time: 49 minutes

Marketing Resources:

[Article] How Pipedrive Reached 50,000 Paying Customers

"Here’s a bold but not very controversial claim: the two most important ways of discovering new products and services in many categories are: A. talking to friends or colleagues and B. searching online. I’ve learned this over and over again, whether by talking to people or asking “how did you hear about us” in signup flow. When we at Pipedrive started testing different channels, I wasn’t fully conscious of that, but by nature of intuition or luck, a lot of our new channel experimentation and 90+% of the results have come from encouraging recommendations and increasing findability." - Andrus Purde, Head of Marketing @ Pipedrive 

Reading time: 9 minutes

[Article] 15 Facebook Ad Campaigns - Jon Loomer

"My central strategy is to drive people through this basic funnel: Top: Consume Content Middle: Provide an Email Address Bottom: Purchase The result is that I target a broader audience for the top of the funnel, getting more precise as we go down. I end up spending more money at the top than at the bottom. Another reason this is my focus is because Facebook ads aren’t the end of the game for me. My primary goal with ads is to drive traffic and build my email list. My email list then does the bulk of the heavy lifting with selling." - Jon Lommer, Facebook Ads Consultant 

Reading time: 8 minutes

[Article] Secrets of Segmentation: Examples, Analysis and Strategy Guide

"Create an effective ideal customer profile, and source the data to build this. Use this data to define your segmentation dimensions (not random variables). Create a common set of segments based on the widest spread in conversion rate, then sync them across all your tools and channels with a clear naming convention. Crucially, make sure you write unique messages to each segment - this is your opportunity to personalize your sales and marketing." - Ed Fry, Growth @ Hull 

Reading time: 12 minutes

Growth Resources:

[Video] Segment’s “Mad Scientist” Shares His Secrets for Driving Growth

How do you stop your marketing and sales funnel from leaking? "The point is that 19 out of 20 visitors to your website that you paid for, probably some good money, are just leaving. And so what should you do? Should you just pour more on top of that leaky bucket? Should you just spend more and more of your VC money? I guess it depends on your VCs. Mine would say, “No, that’s crazy.”" - Guillaume Cabane, VP Of Growth @ Segment 

Viewing time: 40 minutes

[Article] Building a Growth Team from Zero to Fifty

"Growth is still an emerging discipline, and not everyone has a structured growth team within their org. But, let’s say you get to start from scratch and build the ideal growth team. What people and roles would you start with? Andrew Chen and I recently sat down to look at a few configurations to consider as you're scaling up a team around growth." - Brian Balfour, CEO @ Reforge 

Viewing time: 27 minutes

[Article] Deciding When to Call an AB Test: p-value Graphs

"There's simply no way to reasonably expect web developers to change the website and not expect them to see whether it seems like it's doing something even before it reaches the "statistical power" necessary for a real decision. But the math of why it's problematic to "peek" is real, so what do we do about that? Well we have two things we use at ezCater that I think really help us out: p-value graphs and high-thresholds for P." Jeff Dwyer, Engineer @ ezCater 

Reading time: 3 minutes

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