[Article] How to Deliver Personalized Product Experiences with a Product-led Strategy

"If you’re using traditional marketing tactics, you’re likely struggling to scale your business quickly. 

That’s because conventional marketing techniques focus on engaging prospects and users outside of the product. It’s far more efficient and effective to use your product to acquire, retain, and grow your user base. That’s precisely the secret to the meteoric rise and industry success of companies including Dropbox, Slack and Atlassian.​ 

​As the SaaS business model becomes par for the course, your survival depends on delivering a personalized in-product customer experience. Doing so requires a deep understanding of and ability to influence user behaviors inside your product. It also requires a completely new product-led go-to-market (GTM) strategy that guides marketing, sales, customer success, and product teams to put customers front and center​" 

- - Myk Pono, Head of Marketing at Aptrinsic 

Reading time: 156 minutes

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[Article] RealtyShares’ Marketplace Efficiencies and Network Effects

"“RealityShares’ Key Growth Lessons: 1. RealtyShares built supply side density through process-based innovations, which enabled growth and network effects within the marketplace as a whole. 2. By aggregating smaller investments in “18 hour cities,” the company is able to open up new supply that wouldn’t otherwise have been profitable or efficient for investors. 3. Moving upmarket to monetize” 

- The Reforge Team 

Reading time: 4 minutes

[Article] 35 SaaS Marketing Lessons I Wish I’d Known 20 Months Sooner

"During my last two years as the Digital Marketing Manager at Scoro, we’ve:Increased the number of monthly leads by over 300%. Built our blog readership from 1.6k to 32k monthly organic visitors. Published tens of new landing pages and hundreds of ads. Grown into a team of full-stack marketers. 

Today is my very last day working as the Digital Marketing Manager at Scoro. Looking back, I wanted to share the key learnings on SaaS marketing that I’ve discovered on this two-year journey, 35 of them to be exact.” 

- Karola Karlson, Perfomance Marketing Manager at Taxify 

Reading time: 18 minutes

[SlideShare] How Seth Godin Would Launch a New Business With $1,000 And 90 Days to Spare

"Key takeaways: 1) Market WITH people, not AT them. Your customers are human beings, just like you. 2) Focus on the smallest audience possible. You can always expand later. 3) Create a remarkable product. If your first 10 customers spread the word about it, you have a winner. If not, collect feedback and start again. 4) Create an abundance of confidence. Give away a huge amount of value for free so people trust you in return. 5) Make a spinner and spin the wheel. There will never be a perfect time to do anything: do something and stick to it.​” 

- Louis Grenier, Content Strategist at Hotjar 

Reading time: 11 minutes

Marketing Resources

[Article]7 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies You Can Try Today

"There are now more than 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger every month. Yes, billion with a b! 

Have you considered the possibility of using it for your marketing? We certainly have. And we have been experimenting with different ways to include Messenger as one of our go-to marketing tools, by sending out our latest blog posts through Messenger and engaging and helping our customers through the platform too. Since we are in the midst of figuring things out, we thought it would be great to share what we have found so far. 

Here’s everything we know about using Facebook Messenger for your marketing.​” 

- Alfred Lua, Content Crafter at Buffer 

Reading time: 8 minutes

[Article] 4th Quarter Email Playbook from Sendgrid

"The last quarter of the year can be one of the noisiest for email recipients—and one of the most competitive for email senders. To ensure your wanted mail is reaching the inbox and getting noticed, we’ve assembled some of our best Q4 content resources below. Use these as your training schedule to prepare for the end of the year or as a refresher to keep you in top sending shape for 2018.​” 

- The SendGrid Team 

Reading time: 12 minutes

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