[TGB] Convert your ad traffic with personalized landing pages


Marketing & Growth Resources - Week 31 2017

This Week Resource:

[Article] Convert your ad traffic with personalized landing pages

"The beauty of personalized advertising goes beyond getting content in front of potential customers. It’s about leveraging your knowledge of your audiences to create highly relevant experiences for them. No one wins if you get a ton of traffic that doesn’t convert or churns because they don’t understand how your product solves their specific problems. Creating a thoughtful and targeted landing page experience as a continuation of your personalized ad campaigns will help reduce friction for your audience, connect the dots for them, and hopefully help them convert more easily too." - Michele Pendergast, Online Marketing Manager at Intercom 

Reading time: 9 minutes

Marketing Resources:

[Article] Do you know what your future customers are searching for?

"One of the most effective channels for fueling your startup’s growth is online advertising. Yet advertising can also set a startup back. At best, spammy, impersonal ads will hurt your reputation. At worst, your audience tunes out your ads entirely. So what separates an effective ad from just another spammy banner or piece of clickbait? It comes down to serving ads that feel personal to the consumer. Invest time getting to know your audiences and what they’re searching for, and you have it in your control to send ads to only people who are ready to buy your product, using content that matches their intent." - Anthony Yu, Online Marketing Manager at Intercom 

Reading time: 7 minutes

[Article] Bad Marketing Advice

"Bad advice is everywhere, especially in marketing. Reading and keeping up with marketing advice is overwhelming because there’s so much of it, and so much of it is awful. While professional marketers and consultants eventually build up the experience to discern the junk from the gems, everyone else risks losing considerable amounts of time and money by following bad marketing advice that isn’t likely to yield any positive results." - Greg Kogan, Customer Acquisition Consultant 

Reading time: ? minutes

News That Matters to You: Data in Newsletters

"Curating stories that are relevant to you is complex. We explore how using a data-driven approach helps find news that matters to you. Jonathan explains how data drives everything about their newsletters including the content, subscriber focus, and eventual measures of success." - Outlier AI 

Listening time: 20 minutes

Growth Resources:

[Article] Why Most Companies Fail At Moving Up or Down Market

"You Need to Find All Four Fits to Grow to $100M+ Do you need all four Fits to build a profitable company? No. But, you do need to have all four to build a $100M+ product on a venture timeline. If you lack one of the fits, you either don't reach the scale of $100M+ or grow so slowly that venture investors aren't interested. Evidence of the four Fits is most apparent in the SaaS space. We can look at almost any category in SaaS and find multiple $1B+ companies who all essentially have the same core product. I look at that and ask how that can be? If they are essentially the same core product, why can't one company dominate the entire market?" - Brian Balfour, CEO at Reforge 

Reading time: 6 minutes

[Article] A Rare Peek Inside Hellofresh's $880 Million Growth Strategy

"You can’t seem to walk down the street or watch TV these days without seeing an ad for a food delivery service. However, no one is more more aggressive with their marketing than Rocket Internet’s brain child and e-commerce food brand, HelloFresh. HelloFresh’s German counterpart has just topped the list of Europe’s fastest growing companies, increasing revenue by 13,159%. They went from €2.3 million ($3.4 million) in 2012 to €304m ($450 million) in 2015. That did not stop in 2016, with a yearly revenue of €597m ($880 million). HelloFresh has more than 850,000 customers globally and operates in nine countries across three continents. Its 2,000 employees work to deliver 9 million meals a month." Max Andersson, Content Marketing Specialist at King Kong 

Reading time: 23 minutes

[Article] A breakdown of top-performing SaaS retention emails at CloudApp, AdRoll, and CoSchedule

"The company set a target of 2% negative revenue churn, and Scott and his team began to focus on two new objectives: first, to stop customers from leaving the app, and second, to persuade loyal users to open their wallets a little more every month so those revenue gains would overtake any remaining churn-related losses. Scott formulates retention experiments in two-week sprints by reviewing CloudApp’s usage data alongside CEO Tyler Koblasa. Tools like Mixpanel and Woopra help them see how users are engaging with their product, which inspires the next set of hypotheses. “We have over 15,000 signups per month, so we consider every week or two to be a new cohort of users to measure how our product improvements are helping or hurting.” - Janet Choi, Marketing at CustomerIO 

Reading time: 17 minutes

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